Modular Sci-Fi Weapons v2.1

Modular Sci-Fi Weapons

Massive collection of modular Sc-Fi weapon parts and combinations examples!
Turrets, spaceship weapons, missiles, mines and bombs!

These are also compatible with our spaceships & space stations and can make a great addition to them.

-URP Compatible
-HDRP Compatible
-40 Modules
-30 Turret examples (Can be easily animated)
-25 Spaceship weapons examples
-15 Mines and bombs
-17 Missiles
-13 color variations for the modular parts
-3 color variations for each missile or mine
-4K Albedo, Metallic/Smoothness, Normal and Emission maps for the modular parts and 512x512 for the mines and missiles
-Substance Painter file included for all the modular parts
-Texture colors masks included so you can easily change color in Photoshop or script
-Triangle count per turret example is between 300-3000 tri

Asset version: 2.1
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