Toon Ghost v1.1

Toon Ghost

Download Unity Asset – Toon Ghost Character set.

Toon Series characters are squarish, cartoony and simple.They are also very low poly, therefore it's very suitable for mobile games.

Triangle count is only 418! Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors. They are rigged and animated. There are 17 animations. Generic Mecanim rig set up. Mist FX Unity particles is included in this package.

See images and YouTube video for animations and model preview.

- Idle
- Fly Forward
- Fly forward 02 in place
- Fly forward 02 with root motion
- Fly backward in place
- Fly backward with root motion
- Strafe right in place
- Strafe right with root motion
- Strafe left in place
- Strafe left with root motion
- Spawn
- Bite Attack
- Surround Attack
- Cast Spell
- Defend
- Take damage
- Die

Asset version: 1.1
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