Fighting Game Level - Training Stage v1.0

Fighting Game Level - Training Stage

Download Unreal Engine Asset: Fighting Game Level - Training Stage.

Inspired by the tanning stages of Street Fighter 4 & Killer Instinct, this high quality stage with dynamic appearing & diapering stage elements that containing modular assets that can be used to create multiple stages.
Perfect for fighting games, beat-em-ups, & side strollers.

This scene is modular & high optimized, perfect for a mobile, pc, or console game levels. All assets were expertly crafted to use as little polygons as possible while still maintain a high level of detail.
All items and props are highly detailed and can be reused in any other project.

This package contains:
- Fade script
- Falling wire-frame leaves particle effect
- Modular prefabs (bamboo, Torii gate, dojo)
- 2k Textures for dojo & guard rails (optomized 1k textures for bamboo, Torii, & Grid)
- 2 HDR Images for lighting
- 11 LUT

Asset version: 1.0
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