ACS v1.1


Download Unity Asset – Sci-fi 'ACS' – Autonomous Combat System, stationary weapon.

Please note: 'ACS' have no walk animations and have not skinned (stationary weapon).

Operated by demo scripts.

This pack incudes:

- ACS lod0: 11847 tris;

- ACS lod1: 5909 tris;

- ACS lod2: 2433 tris;

- obstacle model: 96 tris;

- fire particle effect;

- smoke particle effect;

- ACS 4 material variations;

- ACS - separate parts;

- desert demoscene;

- demo scripts.

PBR Textures - 4K.

Note: max texture size should be adjusted in texture import settings.

Asset version: 1.1
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