Underground Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack 2021 v2.0

Underground Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack 2021

Underground Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack 2021 - free download asset for Unity.

New 2021 Release with additional sounds and atmospheres and separate layers and sounds for more flexibility.

This is a wide collection of underground atmospheres which includes tunnels, sewers, subway galleries, natural caves, ice caverns and artificial underground places of all sizes and depths.

In this pack you will find creepy dungeons, infested with mice where you can hear the sounds of doors and chains in the depth of corridors, and maybe even someone screaming in agony.
Or wet tunnels with water dripping everywhere, an occasional eerie metallic sounds from the old rusty structures hiding in the dark. A slight wind blows, creating a dark and scary atmosphere.
Also Ice caverns filled with strange creatures. You can feel the cold, you can hear the wind howling, and a little stream of melted ice in the background. The clinking of icicles echoing off the frozen walls.
And sewers. We can hear a lot of water dripping from several sources and th gusts of the howling wind from time to time. Hatches opening and pouring out a thick and slimy content. Mice and bats seem to be the main tenants of these corridors. There is a constant rumble in the background that seems to be coming from deep depths of the earth, giving the impression of endless tunnels. The atmosphere is thick, wet and scary.
You will also find atmospheres of abandoned castles, old monasteries, natural caverns and more.

Note that all the sounds in this library are made from scratch and have been created almost completely artificially. Although I made a lot of field and studio recordings for this album, the final sound effects are the result of a time-consuming, intense mix of different sound elements, sound design and tweaking work.

- Sewers Loops (with or without fantasy)
- Abandoned Castle Ice Caverns (with or without fantasy)
- Monk Monastery Dungeons (with or without fantasy)
- Artificial Underground Atmospheres Caves and Caverns (with or without fantasy)
- Artificial tunnels
- Additional Underground Sounds and Atmospheres
- Separate layers for all atmospheres.

Number of Audio Waves: 244
Sample rate / bit rate: 48 kHz, 24bit Stereo WAVs
Do Sound Atmospheres loop: Yes
Minutes of audio provided: 280 Minutes

Asset version: 2.0
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