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Quest Machine

Quest Machine – download Unity asset

Quest Machine is a full-featured, easy-to-use, extensible quest system that lets you add hand-written and procedurally-generated quests to your project.

No scripting required.

Procedurally-generated quests: Create unlimited quests at runtime based on the actual state of the game world. Your players will always have something interesting to do!

Hand-written quests: Create any type of quest you can imagine, using an easy node-based editor. You're not locked into a limited set of archetypes.

Powerful, flexible UI system:
• Dialogue UI: Offer, update, & turn in quests.
• Quest Journal: Review active and completed quests.
• Tracking HUD: Show quest progress.
• Alert HUD: Show alert messages.
• Overhead Indicators: Tell player when NPCs have quest-related dialogue.
• Gracefully handles switching between mouse, keyboard, joystick, and touch input.

Versatile quest control components: Control object spawning and quest states with an easy-to-use event-based system.

Advanced text handling:
• Give your characters unique dialects.
• Localize quest content and UIs.
• Import and export to CSV (e.g., Excel & Google Sheets).

Save and load: Save and load games, persist data across scene changes.

Broad platform support:
• Works great in 2D and 3D.
• Supports multiplayer games.
• Tested on Windows, Mac, WebGL, Android, iOS, Windows Store/UWP10.

Great programmer support:
• Includes complete, thoroughly-documented source code.
• Extensive scripting API.
• Easy starter templates to create your own quest conditions, actions, UI content, and reward systems.

Includes support for:
• Compass Navigator Pro
• Dialogue System for Unity
• DMMap Minimap System
• Emerald AI
• HUD Navigation System
• Invector Controllers
• Inventory Engine
• Inventory Pro
• Love/Hate
• Opsive Character Controllers
• Opsive Ultimate Inventory System
• ORK Framework
• PlayMaker
• Rewired
• Super Text Mesh
• uSurvival

Asset version: 1.2.26
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