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Horror FPS KIT

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HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade. It contains a lot of ready-to-use assets, just drag and drop them into a scene.


• Player Controller (Walk, Run, Jump, Crouch, Prone, Ladder Climbing)
• Fully Animated Player Body (Movement)
• Texture and Tag based Footsteps
• Player Lean and Wall Detection
• Weapons (Glock, Axe)
• Zoom Effect
• Item Switcher

• Save/Load System (Player Data, Scene Data, Inventory, Encryption)
• Cross-Platform Input (PC, PS4, XONE)
• Advanced Menu System (Cross-Platform Support)
• Inventory System (Add, Remove, Move, Use, Drop, Examine, Store, Shortcuts)
• Objectives System (Add, Complete, Complete and Add, Events)
• Cutscenes System (Queue)
• Examination System (Rotate, Double Examine, Papers)
• Drag Rigidbody System (Rotate, Zoom, Throw)
• Interact Manager (Pickup, Messages)
• Floating Icons System

• Custom Objects Pickup
• Light Items (Flashlight, Hinge Lantern, Candle)
• Backpack Inventory Expand Pickup

• Door, Drawer, Lever, Valve, Movable Interact
• Types (Mouse, Animation, Locked, Jammed)
• More Objects (Keypad Lock, Keycard Lock, Padlock)

• Rebindable Keyboard Controls at Runtime
• Zombie AI (Sleep, Wander, Scream, Agony, Hunger, Attack, Attract, Footsteps)
• Scene Preloader (Background Change, Tips)
• Jumpscares (Animation, Scare Effects, Scared Breath, Customizable)
• UI Menu (Main Menu, Pause Menu, Load Menu..)
• Notifications (Pickup, Hint, Messages)
• Realistic VHS Player
• CCTV System
• Ambience Zones
• Water Buoyancy
• Interactive Lights (Lamps, Switchers, Animation)
• Props, Collectable Items, much more..

• Emerald AI

Includes an in-depth documentation written for ease of use.

Asset version: 1.6.3b
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    1. You are doing an amazing job, we are like your fans, all we ask is that you put all these resources on your website :)

      Hello the best work, please give
      You are doing an amazing job, we are like your fans, all we ask is that you put all these resources on your website :)
      1. Hello!
        Maybe later, keep for updates.
        And pls, stop spam
        1. I will stop spamming, thank you for your work.
          Hopefully we will see these files on your site soon :)
    2. Please, update to 1.5
        • Mke
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        I second this I would really like to have 1.5 because this version doesn't work on the latest unity versions
    3. Updated to 1.5
    4. Thank you!!!
      • z.k
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      could you upload this to a faster download site? It takes 13 hours to download this 1.7gig file..
      1. Any other file hosting will ban my account by owners abuse. Use hitfile premium for fast download.
        • Developer
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        Buy a full version instead of pirate version and you will download it much faster...
        1. I completely agree
    5. Where can I contact U ??
    6. Hey, dont suppose you can upgrade this to 1.5.2, looking to buy the asset but 1.5 is buggy hence he released two quick patches after. Thanks in advanced, good site for people who want to try assets before they buy!
    7. Please Update to 1.5.2, I will buy premium, what a problem do it by yourself?
    8. Pleaseee update to 1.5.2 :((
      1. Updated for latest version
    9. Hello
      Can you add this please _
    10. Hi please for Unreal Engine would you add it to the template that's really going to get a lot of this and it's great.
      • Graymon
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      Hi, can you add version 1.6?

      Update 1.6 please
      • Megalodon
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      Please update to 1.6
    11. hello you guys have a copy of master anim system 12.0
    12. Please, update to 1.6a