Train Controller (Railroad System) v3.4.1

Train Controller (Railroad System)

Train Controller (Railroad System) – download Unity asset

Train Controller is a Ready to Use Railroad System with everything you need to build your custom railway.

* Builtin Railroad Builder with terrain support (In-editor)
* Export generated railroads as prefabs
* Train Station support
* Railroad Switching support
* Custom railroad switches creator
* Train speed monitor (KPH/MPH)
* 1 click wagons connection (In-editor)
* Automated trains support (control zones)
* Player Controlled trains support (Unity UI or keyboard input)
NEW! * Customizable Keyboard Input
NEW! * In-game wagon coupling and decoupling
NEW! * Custom events zones
NEW! * Custom wagons creator
NEW! * New locomotive model (Cabin interior included)
NEW! * Open/close door animations
NEW! * Automatic brakes
NEW! * New user friendly Railroad Building Workflow

The only package in the asset store with spline based railroads and physics based trains!

* Railroad Builder prefab
* Sample railroads prefabs ("Railroad Builder/Baked/demo" folder)
* Ready to use trains prefabs
* Ready to use locomotives prefabs
* Ready to use wagons prefabs
* Containers prefabs variations
* Railroad switches sample prefabs
* Animated direction indicator prefab
* Control zones prefabs for railroad automation
* Open/close door animation
* Train SFX

Asset version: 3.4.1
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