Finger Soccer Game Kit v2.0.2

Finger Soccer Game Kit

Finger Soccer Game Kit – download Unity asset

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Finger Soccer is a flexible football game kit that can be played as a single player (player vs AI) or 2-Players (two players on a same device). Players can select and drag on their units to adjust the power and direction of the shoot. There is also plenty of defensive and offensive formation available to play the game with tactics and strategy. The game kit also features "Tournament" and "Penalty Kicks" modes.

A new separate "Online Multiplayer" addon is available for this asset. Please contact us if you are interested and want to check the playable online demo.

- This is a full template with Menu, Shop, Config, Tournament, Penalty Kicks, Team selection, Pause and Game scenes.
- Supports multi-platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, WebGL and Windows
- Can be used as a base to prototype similar games such as Billiard or Air Hockey.
- Simple, but highly addictive physics based game-play
- Realistic physics for a thrilling and rational game-play
- Can be used to build a 2D or a 3D game at no time!
- Mobile friendly (with awesome performance!)
- Extremely flexible to re-skin and re-master
- Fully commented source code in C#

It works with Unity's built-in features and doesn't need any 3rd party tools to get it up and running.

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Asset version: 2.0.2
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