Racing Project Kit v1.7.3

Racing Project Kit

Racing Project Kit by SpinMotionGames - download Unity asset for free!

Tested in Unity 2018.1.1f1 and 2019.4.0f1 versions. NOTE: 2017 versions and earlier don't work properly.


Save time building up your racing game with this project that includes 3 game modes, cash system with unlockables, laps & checkpoints, menus, split-screen support and much more. It is coded in C# and scripts are commented to customize it easily. Also, there's a complete PDF documentation to start to work with it fast and customize to your own. With more than a year of support, amazing features were added such as Track Creator, Real-Time Positioning System, Mobile Support and much more.

Main Features:

-3 Game Modes:

Race Mode: Race against AI opponents. These AI cars will follow your customizable AI waypoint route.

Time Trial: Set the time limit and beat the clock. The race by default is set to 2 laps, the first one as a "Warmup" and the second one as a "Time Lap" where you need to beat the time limit.

Score Attack: Collect the Objects in the track to get the requested score and watch out to finish the race in time. The Score Objects can be fully customized (points, position, color, and more) also the Time Limit and the Requested Score can be changed too.

V1.5.2 Update: Score Points Target and Time Attack time limit can be adjusted dynamically from the Unity inspector.

-Cash & Unlockables:

Each Game Mode gives you a $100 reward that you can use to buy locked 2 cars. This unlockable system can be fully customizable to your needs. The reward money you win in the race is saved in the computer memory. The project also includes a scene to reset the player savegame for testing purposes.

-Complete Race Mechanics:

Laps Selector: Select the laps that you want in Race Mode and Split Screen Mode inside the game, also you can put a minimum and maximum of laps, by default it is 2 and 5.

Laps System: The circuit includes a Checkpoint and a Finish Line to count the laps, it is used in the 4 game modes and you can place it in different sizes or directions.

Different Race Finishes: All the finishes of different game modes are programmed, for example: Finish in 1st Position, Finish 2nd, Ran out of time, Score not reached, and more. Each finish has it's own panel with an additional camera, text and music.

V1.4 Update: Real-Time Positioning System:

This asset has scripted checkpoints that act as a distance meter. Both, the players and the bot, when they cross each one in sequential order, they obtain a position measure used to make an overall comparison (lap count + check count + distance to the last check) and in this way, we obtain the absolute race position in run time. You can add more checkpoints, and this system it's fully documented.

V1.5 Update: Track Editor:

Create your track selecting the track pieces from the side menu and placing it in the terrain. Then, hit the play button to drive in it. You can also save the track to load it later.

V1.5.3 Update: Now the Track Editor has sound FX and a back button to keep working on your track after testing it with the car.

V1.5.5 Update: Multiple save / load slots to storage your custom tracks have been added.

V1.6 Update: The custom tracks created with the track editor are now playable with AI bots and in split-screen mode.

V1.5 Update: Color Picker:

Now you can change the color of the car with 3 sliders: HUE color, Saturation, and Brightness.

-Multiplayer Split-Screen:

Compete against another person in a split-screen race. Both players can select different cars, colors and change the camera. By default, the controls are made up for 2 players with the same keyboard, in the input settings of the project you can easily re-assign the controls for player 1 or 2.


Race positions, laps, lap time, score collected, time limit, minimap, pause menu, finish panels, start race countdown and additional info it's completely showed and worked via Unity UI.

V1.2 Update: Minimap added, works in all game modes and it's fully customizable.

V1.5.4 Update: All-New race UI: Positioning, Laps, Game Modes panels have been reworked.


5-second splash screen: It is used to show the game name or company name, you can easily change the seconds in the script.

Main Menu: Play, Options, Credits, Exit, and it also shows the money you have acquired doing the races.

Play Menu: This menu lets you select the game mode, the car, buy cars and select the track.

V1.3 Update: Play menu has been fully reworked and now the car model is visible rotating in 3D. Also, there's a lot of new animations and you can change the color of the car with a brand new color picker.

Credits Menu: Shows your credits with a customizable length of time in seconds and a back button to exit before the credits finished.

Reset Player Prefs: This menu it's only accessible via the inspector and lets you add money without playing races or delete the saved prefs like money or bought cars for testing purposes.

V1.7 Update: Mobile Support added: The project will detect automatically if you're on a mobile device and it will optimize the performance and activate UI controls to move the car in the races.

V1.7.1 Update: Graphics Settings and screen resolution can be changed from the settings menu of the game and it will be saved for the next time that you open the game.

Asset version: 1.7.3
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