VR Interaction Framework v1.81

VR Interaction Framework

VR Interaction Framework – download Unity asset

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. This framework will give you the foundation you need to create polished VR experiences.

VRIF supports all Unity compatible VR Headsets such as the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift-S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR), and Pico Headsets. Some devices may require a corresponding SDK for input to work, such as SteamVR. VRIF also supports adding your own input provider, if you have a device not listed above.

This asset is loaded with example prefabs and modular components. There is extensive documentation and an active, supportive community. Some of VRIF's highlights include :

- Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects

- Buttons, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, Doors, Joysticks, and other physically activated objects

- A VR Emulator so you can test your project without having to put your headset on.

- Smooth Locomotion and Teleport, with Snap Turning and Smooth Turn options

- Custom VR Hands Models and textures

- Custom Hand Pose Support

- Two-Handed Weapons

- Custom PlayerController that utilizes Unity's CharacterController (can be swapped out with your own)

- Climbing

- Custom World-Based UI System

- Snap Zones - Super modular : Make Equipment slots, inventory systems and more

- Bow and arrow physics (arrows can be picked up and re-shot)

- Gun handling / physics. Can insert and remove the clip from a pistol, pull back the slide, etc.

- Two Handed Weapons with Shotgun and Rifle examples

- Hand Jet (like a jetpack, but in your hands!)

- Grappling Hook

- Slow time

-A Marker and Whiteboard example

- A basic IK Arm example

- Hand Tracking Demo - Grab Objects and Draw in the air with your fingers

- Simple Damage System with Destructible Objects

- Moving Platform Support

- 3D Markers - Draw on objects

- Integrated FinalIK / VRIK support with detailed example

Latest Features :

- Physical Hands example

- CurvedUI Integration

- New Velocity Grab Physics type

- Ability to use keyboard / mouse to control the player without having to put your headset on

- Photon PUN integration : A networked example with synched hands, animations, and Grabbable physics objects.

- Added FinalIK Integration Example

- Added EmeraldAI Integration

- Moved Oculus Integration to .unityPackage integration

Asset version: 1.81
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