3D City Run v1.1

3D City Run

3D City Run – download Unity asset.

3D City Run is a mobile, endless, 3D runner game. Avoid many obstacles and collect coins and diamonds by tilting your device and tapping the screen.

- Mecanim controller
- Break through walls
- PC controls
- Slide

With a very customizable environment spawn system, a wave spawner for cars, trees, pick-ups and houses, you can easily create your own 3D runner game. By scrolling textures in the opposite direction of the character, the illusion of running trough a city gets even bigger.
The project contains one character. He jumps when you touch the screen and moves using tilt controls.

- Character with animations
- Car, road, tree and pick-up models
- Tilt & PC controls
- Environment spawning
- Random car wave spawner
- Collectable coins & diamonds
- Start- Pause and Game over screen
- Fully working game scene
- Commented C# & PDF documentation

Tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4

Asset version: 1.1
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