AAA Physics Siege Engines System v1.3

AAA Physics Siege Engines System

AAA Physics Siege Engines System – download Unity asset.

This AAA system allows you to create awesome siege engines just by few clicks!

Have you got tired from making a lot of animations for different models? Do inaccuracies of animations put you out of temper? Do you hate creation a lot of models for your game? Use our AAA Physics Siege Engines System! It allows you to create siege weapons from previously added parts, automatically adding necessary components, adjust options and giving you control of all it.

Included engines: Siege Tower, Onager(Catapult), Battering Ram, Ballista.
So, in last update added log , stone throwers.
What does this package contain?

-Siege tower: 5 sets of parts * (1 base part, 2 usual parts, 1 push part, 3 head part).
-Battering ram: 5 bodies, 4 roofs, 2 rams, 2 ram heads.
-Onager: 6 bodies, 2 rotation handles, 2 weighting agents, 1 shoulder, 1 bowl.
-Ballista: 4 types of body(with wheels, with wheels and iron parts, on the leg, on the leg with iron parts), 2 bullets, 1 shoulder.
-Bonus: log thrower, stone thrower, simple door manager(for battering ram), included fbx file, that allows you to create your own parts from basic boards (it's very easy, watch this).

There are 4 4096*4096 textures of wooden boards: bloody, dirty, HAND PAINTED (new in 1.3v) and clean; 2 textures of battering ram heads, iron texture for parts, iron texture for onager, two textures for links(rope+link) and few textures for environment.

There are constructors for all weapons, controllers, parts&sockets editing window and simple player-controllers for testing system work.

So, there are few additional BONUS scripts that will help you in creation of siege scenes.
User friendly Custom Editors allows you to do this faster and easier.

If you haven't bought this asset yet - do it now! Because after every update the price will increase.

Future updates: ballista(ALREADY ADDED!) and trebuchet.

Asset version: 1.3
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