I2 MiniGames v1.0.3 f1

I2 MiniGames

I2 MiniGames – free download Unity asset.

Are you ready to increase retention?

Here there are some Mini Games that will turn the otherwise boring screens into Dopamine boosters.

Included Mini Games
- Prize Wheel
- Treasure Hunt
- More games coming soon

Will this games help you?
They can be used everywhere that a gift is given or there is a possible decision.
- Level Completed - Level Failed -
- Mission Completed - Daily Gift - etc.

- Each game is fully customizable
- They all work out of the box.
- Can be adapted to match any game style.
- They have built-in monetization flow.
- Driven by probabilities to improve fun.
- Everything is fully documented
- Several variants are included.

The ice in the cake
Did I mentioned the top-notch support? I'm very proud of the level of support I give in my assets, so any question or suggestion just email me directly or post it on the forums and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you need more help expanding your game and making them profitable, don't forget to check my other plugins and follow me as I'm developing a series of tools and services to help you succeed!

Asset version: 1.0.3 f1
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