Any doors system v1.0

Any doors system

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This is solid all in one system, which contains all and even more of what you need from any kind of doors in games. You can create any door system which you can imagine. Doors can be locked and to unlock you are abble to use keycards or pinpads. All involved in configurable systems. You can open and close doors by setting position and rotation values (editor extantion included) or using animations, you can unlock doors with keycards, pinpads, buttons, triggers etc. All this maded with editor extentions, so you will get user-friendly component's interfaces. Different doors interaction types: proximity, manual by 'use' key, raycast with 'use' key, this fits all game genres, 3rd person, 1st person etc. Doors can react to specified tags, so not only player can open them, and doors can react different way depending on who interacting with. Proximity doors count who and how much targets in trigger. System allows you to dynamic display text for any kind of situations. Every dynamic text supports localization. Total save load system allows you to save and load all doors, keycards and pinpads statusses and states per every scene. To create example doors there is doors creation tool included. All what you needed is to replace example flaps with yours and configure to fit your needs. Or create own door from scratch with your 3d models.

Asset version: 1.0
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