(UHAK) Ultimate Horror Adventure Kit v1.2.5

(UHAK) Ultimate Horror Adventure Kit

Download Unity Asset (Full template) – (UHAK) Ultimate Horror Adventure Kit.

This Asset is for those who want to create a Horror / Adventure game using 1st \ 3rd person camera or Static RE style cameras. The scene is assembled in the style of RE series.


Huge set of modular High quality models (POLYGON RANGE FROM LOW TO MID) ✔
3rd person controller ✔
1st person perspective ✔
Puzzles ✔
Static camera character control ✔
Inventory system ✔
Rain drops camera effect ✔
Save box system ✔
Shooting and reloading system ✔
Picking up items and ammo combine ✔
Reading letters system ✔
Locked doors event system ✔
Opening\Closing doors (Run-Walk)✔
Map system ✔
Breaking objects ✔
Professional SFX ✔

Asset version: 1.2.5
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