The Beautiful Toon Collection v1.0

The Beautiful Toon Collection

Download Unity Asset – The Beautiful Toon Collection

Here I publish a new Asset for you, it's my "Toon Collection! with 209 prefabs ;D

I made it this time in SRP (Standard Render Pipeline) and you will find:

- (24) Portals: 6 different VFX with 4 color variation. 24 prefabs in total as you can see in the video promo.

- (24) Lightrays: 6 different lightrays for your background items or objects. 24 prefabs in total.

- (24) Onomatopeya: 5 different words: Boom!, Kapow!, Poof!, OMG! and Zap! with different styles and designs. 24 prefabs in total.

- (18) Power Orbs: I made 18 different designs in total.

- (36) Magic Aura: You will find 12 different VFX in 3 different colors each. As you can see in the video you will have 36 prefabs.

- (24) PowerUp Items: I made 24 prefabs of this. Stars, Hearts, Lightning and more! :)

- (32) Explotions and Smoke: Look all the 32 VFX that I made in the video promo ;D

- (27) Hits: Take a look to the 9 different Toon hits in 3 different colors each :)

Asset version: 1.0
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