Sci-Fi Effects v2.2.2

Sci-Fi Effects

Free download Unity Asset – Sci-Fi Effects is a collection of 90+ ready to use weapon and effect prefabs including 66 bonus sounds, new modular turret constructor, aiming controller and a redesigned pool manager.

The package will continue to be improved including much more features over the next updates.

Complete feature list:

• Modular turret parts counting 22 components
• Turret Editor and Turret Constructor
• Turret Tracking Controller
• PoolManager
• 12 ready to use weapon effects
• 8 Explosion effects
• 8 Missile models with additional LOD
• Missile prediction controller
• Trail and exhaust effects
• Warp tunnel
• Warp jump
• Burnout effect
• Holographic effect
• Fading debris field
• Nebula clouds

What’s new in version 2.05b:

- Asset is now Unity 2017.4+ compatible
- Example scenes have been improved
- Shaders now support Amplify Shader Editor and PBR pipeline

What’s new in version 2.0b:

To kick things off, we’ve added several new elements into play, including new Modular Turret constructor, updated Turret Controller along with the revamped PoolManager and we’re excited to share the details on the major changes occurring this update:

Counting over 22 turret components enables thousands of combinations covering both Desktop and Mobile devices throughout several LOD groups and PBR/Mobile materials.

All the replaceable turret parts are supplied with unified textures with maximum texture resolution up to 4096 for Desktop and 2048 on Mobile.

At this point we’ve established Turret polycount according to:
• LOD0 - up to 5000 polygons per assembled turret
• LOD1 - up to 2500 polygons (is also used in mobile version)

In an effort to reduce the amount of time needed for turret parts swapping, we're happy to introduce the modular approach we’ve been working to create, manage and keep turret templates, which are shared across the entire project in a ScriptableObject database.

One of the greatest thing about Turrets is the ability to sculpt any turret design no matter what type you’re trying to build. In the very same way we also allowed the automatic parts assembly on a turret skeleton using the constructor utility component.

Perfect for any kind games the redesigned turret controller is now highly customizable including arcs of fire handles and several aiming algorithms.

The updated PoolManager allows you to toggle between a group of pools and contains a lot of useful innovations such as load balancer, a scriptableObject database and separate settings for each pool.

This package contains linear and gamma color space prefabs.

Asset version: 2.2.2
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