Selected Effect --- Wireframe URP v2.0

Selected Effect --- Wireframe URP

Download Unity Asset – Selected Effect --- Wireframe URP (Latest version 2022).

*Universal Rendering Pipeline.
*Lightweight Rendering Pipeline.

Please notice this package works for Universal Render Pipeline (URP). "Selected Effect --- Wireframe" is the corresponding built-in rendering pipeline version package.

Turn arbitrary gameobject to wireframe effect when you pick it !

Features include:
- Two kinds of wireframe shader: Vertex and fragment wireframe shader used for low-end device. Geometry wireframe shader used for average device nowadays.
- Pure shader effect, without script rendering (GL.Lines).
- Skinned mesh and blendshapes support.
- Quad and triangle wireframe rendering.
- Glow your wireframe.
- Anti-aliasing wireframe shader.
- Various parameters for wireframe visualization.

- Compatible with different unity version.
- Compatible with PC, console and mobile platform.
- Demo scene and source code included.

Asset version: 2.0
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