VFX Graph - Sci-Fi Shield - Vol. 1 v1.0

VFX Graph - Sci-Fi Shield - Vol. 1

VFX Graph - Sci-Fi Shield - Vol. 1 - download Unity Asset.

6 Sci-Fi Shield Effects done entirely with Visual Effect Graph and Shader Graph.

Part of the VFX Graph - Mega Pack - Vol. 3

This package includes:

-3 Sci-Fi Shields (vfx graph)

-3 Sci-Fi Shields (mesh animation)

-Highly Customizable (change color, size, texture, duration etc. in the inspector)

-Shaders (2 sci-fi shield shader)

-Demo Scripts (move, shoot projectiles and shield collision detection)

-Textures (hexagons and pentagons, flares, impacts)

-HDRP and URP only

-Limited Mobile support (high-end mobile devices only)


Full effect (vertex animation) only in 2021.2 URP.

No collision detection in HDRP.

Asset version: 1.0
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