Power-up FX v1.1

Power-up FX

Power-up FX is a pack of vibrant and glowy particle effects. Featuring power-ups in 3 types, all available in 5 styles.

The styles use different materials, while the type-variations use different shapes and rotations. All these are neatly sorted and easily interchangable.

Standard and URP support.

Looks best with bloom enabled. Uses the Unity Standard Lit Particle Shader, which also means that the effect relies on 3D lighting to get reflections working properly.


- 32 total power-up prefabs
- 1 pickup explosion effect
- 5 styles of power-ups
- 3 types of power-ups
- Question mark symbol
- Exclamation mark symbol
- Models have high-poly and low-poly versions
- 7 demo scenes


- Bloom
- Glossy
- Inverted
- Neon
- Neon Dark


- Cube
- Tilted Cube
- Sphere

Asset version: 1.1
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