Easy Trail - Built-in v1.0

Easy Trail - Built-in

Download Unity Asset: Easy Trail - Built-in (New release 2022)

If you want to use a cool trail effect in your project, then this tool is perfect for you. It can easily integrate the trail or ghost effect in the video without writing a line of code. And we also expose a lot of parameters to you, so that you can adjust more effects that are more suitable for you.

PS:Only supports Built-in Renderer Pipeline.

Only supports unity 2021.2.7f1c1 and above.

Main Features:

1. Very easy to integrate into your project, no need to write any shader or code.

2. Only supports Built-in Renderer Pipeline.

3. You can modify the attributes exposed by the shader: trail color, trail account, trail disappear time, etc.

4. Support SkinnedMeshRenderer.

5. Support Android, IOS, Windows and other platforms.

6. Complete documentation, clear demo.

7. Good support.

Asset version: 1.0
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