Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War v1.1

Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War

Download Unity Asset – Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War is a tool that can project a field of view from any number of objects, and hide objects within un-seen parts of your scene.

Unlike most solutions to this problem, Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War requires no render textures to operate, and all of the calculations are done on the GPU. This means that the system is blazing fast, and produces Pixel-Perfect results.

Utilizing Image Effects, URP Custom Render Features, and the HDRP Custom Pass Framework, this tool is compatible with your existing project, and no custom shaders are necessary for your materials.

This package comes with the ability to hide certain gameobjects in the Fog Of War.

This package allows you to customize your Fog Of War, and comes with 4 types of fog (see screenshots), allows you to adjust a revealers view angle and view radius, change the Fog Of War color, and the option to reveal tops of objects by adding corners (see screenshots).

This project utilizes both the C# Jobs system and the Burst Compiler to ensure optimal performance.

With Version 1.2, you can now customize your Fog Render Mode. Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War comes with 4 default render modes:

Solid Color - Fog is rendered as a solid color
Gray Scale - Fog Desaturates your scene
Blur - Fog blurs and changes the color of your scene
Texture Sample - Fog samples a texture with Triplanar Mapping to overlay a texture for the fog areas

If you are Satisfied or Dissatisfied with the results, please leave a review or contact me through my site. All feedback helps to make the tool better for future updates. Id also love to see what games your using it for!

Asset version: 1.1
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