Height Shader v1.0

Height Shader v1.0

Height Texture & Color Blend Terrain Shader

This Shader will blend five textures and vertex colors smoothly in relation to the mesh's vertex global height. It works with Unity terrain and any mesh.

The shader options are straightforward an easy to use.

Includes sample scene.

Summary of changes
Now the Height Shader Component differentiates between terrain or Mesh associated Game Objects
The Slope Fader is fixed. You will see harder transitions if the slope fader is low and softer transitions if is height.
Now is possible to use optionally Local or Global references for the transitions
Added a button to make the current look of a global referenced Height Shader object to Local
Now the Height shader can be added like a Component, under the submenu: WahnStudio/HeightShader The Shader Name now is WahnStudio/HeightShader (previously WahnStudio/HeightShader). BE AWARE OF THIS IF YOU WANT TO USE PREVIOUS HEIGHT SHADER MATERIALS FROM VERSION 1.0
Minor fixes. (Like better organization of the namespace)
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