All In 1 Sprite Shader v3.5

All In 1 Sprite Shader

All In 1 Sprite Shader – download Unity asset

All In 1 Sprite Shader is an all in one solution to add cool popular sprite and UI effects to your project in the easiest and fastest way possible.

It includes 40+ combinable effects. The possibilities are endless!

- Stack and combine effects with just 1 click
- Easy to use
- 2 click setup
- Mobile ready (stress tested on low end devices)
- Also works with UI images
- Super fast iteration times
- Real time preview
- Optimised shader
- Automatic draw call batching
- Compatible with URP and HDRP
- Sprite Atlas support
- Compatible with Unity's 2D Skeletal Animation and Anima 2D
- Sprite Mask support
- Video Tutorials included

In case you have realtime lighting needs I recently published a simillar asset to this one but with light support and a built in 1 click Normal map creator.

Asset version: 3.5
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