The Vegetation Engine | Amplify Impostors Module v6.4.0

The Vegetation Engine | Amplify Impostors Module

The Vegetation Engine | Amplify Impostors Module – download Unity asset

Combine the power of the award-winning shading and unification tools provided by the Vegetation Engine with the power of the optimized impostors provided by Amplify Impostors! The Amplify Impostors Add-on includes presets and runtime shaders for perfect baking with Standard, Universal, and HD pipelines, while the seasons, overlay, wetness, wind, and interaction remain dynamic!

⚠ Requirements

The Vegetation Engine 2.4.0+ asset is required for the add-on to work!

Amplify Impostors asset is required for the impostors baking!

○ Features

✓ The Vegetation Engine systems support: Motion, Seasons, Overlay, Wetness

✓ The Vegetation Engine elements support: Colors, Overlay, Wetness, Alpha, Motion Interaction, Motion Direction, Motion Flow, Wind Power

✓ Realistic Transmission support in Standard RP and URP | NEW

✓ Diffusion Profiles Transmission support in HDRP | NEW

✓ All light types are now supported for Transmission | NEW

✓ Deferred and Subsurface shader types support | NEW

✓ Baked Detail Blending support for Bark and Props | NEW

✓ Top Projection Detail Blending support Object shaders | NEW

✓ Separate color and saturation tweaking for bark and leaves | NEW

✓ Amplify Shader Editor support

✓ Zero global keywords used

✓ Basic demo scene included

Asset version: 6.4.0
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