Distortion Shader Pack 2 v2.1

Distortion Shader Pack 2

Distortion Shader Pack 2 – download Unity asset.

This distortion shader package is designed to add 3D distortion effects. The shader is perfectly optimized for your need because it features custom code generation. You can select the features you need and the shader will then be created.

The package can easily be used for heat distortion, explosion shockwaves, sword swings or even a portal opening up.

- Circular distortion
- Normal map
- movement
- Distortion tinting
- Vertex color
- Grab texture and RenderTexture support

Works for
- Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web
(I could not test others but there is no reason why not)
- Unity Quad, Particle system & Line/Trail renderer

Asset version: 2.1
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