UFP - Ultra Fast PostProcessing (URP, Default) v1.1.1

UFP - Ultra Fast PostProcessing (URP, Default)

UFP – Ultra Fast PostProcessing (URP, Default) – download Unity asset.

This is a special very fast postprocessing shader, there are many author's algorithms, this is not huge scripts targeted on fast render, and in the future the list will be expanded.


I run asset on The Samsung J1 (2016) ($75) 1.3 GHz ARM with 1 GB of RAM

I enabled LUTs, Gradient, Posterization Dithering, Glow, DOF, SSAO

I was working pretty good on 20-25 FPS, but this phone has only 480x800 resolution

So I would like to know your opinion, just every thing takes time, and I want to know what is the better to do first :

There are three things that I can done in the nearer future

Improve performance (I used highp for whole shader to reach maximum quiality on mobiles, so I can inspect it and optimize to reach about +10%-25% of performance, also I can inspect effects, I can add some baked operations, and I can combine effects for using same data to reduce the amount of computation)
Improve existing effects
Add new effects variants with higher quality but lower performance

Also I plan to add some good example scenes, and add 20-30 pre-prepeared Profiles, for different situations and scenes

Asset version: 1.1.1
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