MatCap Pro v1.0.1

MatCap Pro

MatCap Pro – download Unity asset.

HDRP, URP, and Standard support

A Pack of customizable MatCap materials and shaders to add your game a stylized look. Materials can be used in almost any scenario, environment, or character. Easy drag and drop setup, Demo Scene with customization examples. Almost any parameter of the material can be tweaked, you can create a wire-frame or edge glow effect. The effect consists of two material layers, the first layer creating a MatCap mask, and the second one colorizing this mask, generating edge glow, and wire-frame effect. But you can stick with only one first layer if you like. It is also possible to mimic some realistic materials as well. Shaders were made with Amplify Shader Editor, if you have a copy of this asset, you can modify the code using its Node Shader Editor.

IMPORTANT: This effect works better when the meshes don't have any submeshes. If your mesh has more than one submesh (for example, a character with multiple material slots), you will need to slightly modify it, the quick guide is available in the documentation. Also, when using with URP, enable Opaque Texture in the URP Asset settings.

- Extremely customizable
- 22 Complete Material Examples
- 7 MatCap mask textures
- 23 Gradients and Ramps
- Custom Gradient Generator
- Deferred and Forward ready
- Easy drag and drop setup
- HDR Support

Asset version: 1.0.1
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