SSS Skin Shaders (BuiltIn/URP/HDRP) v1.47

SSS Skin Shaders (BuiltIn/URP/HDRP)

SSS Skin Shaders (BuiltIn/URP/HDRP) – download Unity asset.

An SSS Shader that gives you excellent control over sub surface scattering (sss) of your materials.

Perfect for Skin and translucent materials. Need a different Render Pipeline version, get in touch [email protected] or check out the documentation.

Comes with a bald male and female head mesh, a hand mesh and candle mesh, various material presets such as Wax, Marble, Rubber and of course, Skin.

Eye Shader 3 frieebie version added as a BONUS!

Asset version: 1.47
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