Burning Shader v1.2

Burning Shader

Burning Shader – download Unity asset.

NEW! Added HDRP 10.0 shaders

NEW! Added HDRP shaders

NEW! Added non-global shader variations

NEW! Added URP shaders

Burning Shader is a shader that will help you in creating your game.

The asset contains 20 variations of the main shader to optimize and select the visual display depending on your tasks and needs.

Supported Platforms:
All platforms

Asset contain:
- 20 variations of shader (mettalic or specular color, calculations in local or world space, with or without detail albedo, triplanar mapping and their variations)
- particle systems of burning (fire, embers, smoke, distortion)
- script for burning control
- models and textures (were taken from a free asset Viking Village by UNITY TECHNOLOGIES from Unity Asset Store for demonstration purpose)

To control burning process use "Shader.SetGlobalFloat("StartBurning", FLOAT)" and "Shader.SetGlobalFloat("StopBurning", FLOAT)", where FLOAT is a number from 0 to 1 (off and on respectively).
If you want to change the burning of each object separately, then use non-global shaders.

Asset version: 1.2
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