Amazing World Fading v2.8

Amazing World Fading

Download Unity Asset – Amazing World Fading.

Make game environment volumetric fading around your main character. Bring impressive effect to your game.

Current support 5 kinds of fading effect:

=> Halo.

=> Brightness.

=> Desaturation.

=> Blend two different textures.

=> Stripe pattern.

And 3 kinds of volumetric fading shape:

=> Spherical.

=> Round-XZ, aka infinite height cylinder.

=> Cubic.

All kinds of volumetric fading shape support maximal 4 number of start center position.

Also include an extra dynamic dissolve effect.

=> Spherical and linear shape.

=> Colorful and dynamic edge.

More fading effects will be added in future update.

- Compatible with build-in shading features, PBR, shadow, light-probe, lightmap.

- Compatible with unity free & pro.

- Compatible with mobile platform.

- Compatible with any dx9, dx11 and openGL platform.

- Demo scene and full source code included.

Asset version: 2.8
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