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Blaze AI Engine

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A comprehensive and highly customizable enemy AI engine for all your enemy needs. Whether your enemy is melee, ranged or cover shooter. Blaze AI has got you covered.


Blaze AI is now in V2. It's now faster, smarter, more customizable & more stable. This second iteration now supports a behaviour structure -> a behaviour script for each state that can be edited or written from sratch to make the AI act as you want, when you want. These are breaking changes so take note.

A universal enemy AI engine for a great price! If you want enemy AIs in your game no matter the genre, Blaze will build any game object of your choice and make it intelligent, realistic and challenging for your game. It can literally turn anything into a patrolling agent with a click of a button and no programming needed.

Having wandering animals or brainless zombies is easy and Blaze can do that for you. But what about intelligent AIs that can respond to their environment and corrdinate their attacks? Blaze can do that. A solider AI that does cover shooter, looking for cover, taking cover and tries not to get shot by strafing around you? Blaze can do that. Even a ranged AI that's part of a tribe and throws spears at you from a distance? Yup, even that.

You'll be surprised by the level of customizability you'll get. Set your own functionalities, animations, scripts and audios. Also with a whole lot of properties to choose from you can always make your different enemies unique.

Blaze AI performance is great on all platforms even mobiles.

**As this asset is an AI system it works on HDRP, URP and built-in pipelines***


Vision system (customizable for each state) with multi targeting
Normal state
Alert state
Attack state
Strafing (cover shooter, melee & ranged)
Melee/ranged combat & cover shooter
Humanoid and Generic models
Waypoints (pre-set routes or randomly generate from navmesh)
Distractions system
AI communication (agents call each other to reach target & during chase)
AI vs AI
Animation root motion
Getting hit
Reacting with audio and animation to specific tags
Local avoidance
Enemy scheduler (queues attacking enemies one by one)
Walking backwards when target too close
Audios to play on patrol (normal-alert state) or attack

We haven't forgot the minor details that make an AI engine great. For instance:

setting reaction time to distractions.
choosing whether to check distraction location or not.
check if an enemy got too close to AI skin in stealth
Surprised emotion - getting surprised for seeing an enemy for the first time with custom animations and audio.
setting different patrol audios for each state.
random patrol idle animations (ex: tying shoes, reloading gun)
unlimited attack animations and events
setting the waypoint rotation (maybe you want at a specific waypoint the AI to look at a certain side/angle)

You can change and customize everything for your differnet kinds of enemies with simply checking/unchecking and typing into empty properties using the simple custom inspector.

This package comes with 8 demos (shown in the video) for built-in & URP to get you up and running with everything you would need like melee, cover shooter, health death, hits, distractions and more. Also comes with a thorough documentation and the source codes (commented and organized).

Asset version: 1.9.21
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