Tessera Pro v5.1.1

Tessera Pro

Download Unity Asset – Tessera Pro – Generate 3d levels and buildings in a snap, using a Wave Function Collapse and a sophisticated configuration system.

Simply create a bunch of cube shaped tile prefabs, paint the tile faces to indicate how they connect, and let the generator automatically assemble them using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm. Advanced features give unparalleled control over the generation process.

This is the Pro version of Tessera which includes extra features and full source code. You can try out Tessera first if you are unsure. Please read Upgrading to Pro if you are upgrading from the base version.

Basic Features

Fast WFC generator
Paint connectors between tiles (see video above)
Control the frequency of individual tile occurences
Generate in the editor or at runtime

Advanced Features

Use existing game objects and colliders as constraints to guide generation.
Use big tiles that occupy the space of multiple cubes.
Combination of color painting and color matching rules give tight control of connections while remaining managable for huge tilesets.
Configure multiple passes

Pro Only Features

Includes source
Even more constraints to control output behaviour
Outputs into tilemaps / meshes instead of instantiating every tile
Animate the generation process in realtime
Generate tiles on the surface of an irregular mesh.
Triangular and hexagonal tiles.
Lazily generate infinite output
Use both simple and overlapping WFC.

Asset version: 5.1.1
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