Dynamic Mesh Cutter v1.2.3

Dynamic Mesh Cutter

Download Unity Asset – Dynamic Mesh Cutter (Latest version 2022)

Dynamic Mesh Cutter is a high performance runtime mesh cutting algorithm, splitting meshes by plane intersection into multiple disjoint meshes.

- Using multithreading to asynchronously cut meshes without blocking the main thread.
- Separating meshes into multiple disjoint meshes , not just a "left" and "right" side.
- Cutting skinned mesh renderers including animated meshes while respecting boneweights.
- Optional settings to increase or decrease performance based on the desired mesh result.
- Optimized to run on mobile and VR devices

RAGDOLL UPDATE: Now also cutting ragdolls and separating joints, rigidbodies and colliders automatically!

Asset version: 1.2.3
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