Turn-Based Strategy Toolkit v1.0.2

Turn-Based Strategy Toolkit

Download Unity Asset – Turn-Based Strategy Toolkit

This asset allows you to cut out 4 months of development time, and gets you right into creating your turn based game!

A fully functional Turn-Based Strategy Toolkit that allows you to create 2-D or 3-D games with both Square, and Hexagonal cells.

Key Features
• You can build your own levels with the Grid Editor

• Create unique abilities with custom Parameters, Ability/Effect shapes, and Ailments.

• Works on mobile.

• Hide the map to encourage exploration with Fog of War.

• Mix and match custom win conditions to create interesting play styles.

• Use AI Unit data to bring life to the enemy units, or script your own.

• Everything is customizable.

• Included Camera controllers for 2-D, Perspective, and Isometric.

• Easy animation and audio hooks.

Also included robot, and cell models, with 6 animations for the robot.
The robot has 1,144 Tris, and the cells are between 92-334 Tris.

Asset version: 1.0.2
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