Quick Patrol Shooter AI v3

Quick Patrol Shooter AI

Download Unity Asset – Quick Patrol Shooter AI

This package is very helpful to do simple NPCs, to setup a simple Shooter Controller for Mobile and Gamepad (PC) with the new input system (You should import Input System v1.3.0 from Package Manager -> Unity Registry) and to create simple Power Effects.
NPCs behavior based on State-Driven FSM and use NavMesh component to move. Player and NPCs attributes are easy to customize from the editor. The Power-Effects attributes are easy to customize from the ScriptableObjects.

* Clear and concise documentation.
* The systems are modular.
* Shooter and health system
* NPC patrol AI.
* Player shooter controller
* Power-Effects
* Basic Animations Handler
* Gamepad (PC) and Mobile controller with the new input system

Asset version: 3
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