Whiskey Structure Builder v1.0.1

Whiskey Structure Builder

Download Unity Asset – Whiskey Structure Builder (Latest version 2022)

Whiskey Structure Builder helps you craft professional-looking industrial assets (like pipes, cables, ducts, vases) that fit right within your project visual style with optimized performance.

Whiskey Structure Builder is a Procedural Mesh Building Extension for the Unity Editor to create industrial looking assets, such as pipes, cables, ducst and all kind of tubular structures. You can create highly customizable assets right in the Unity Editor, save them to ScriptableObject files for later re-edition or export them to prefabs (with or without LOD groups). The tools provided are aimed at giving you the possibility to create assets that align and fit with the creative vision in your project, while taking care being optimized for performance.

Technical details

Unit elements with bezier curve-based tools to customize their girth and shape in any structure.
Socket Array elements to connect Units to and to edit, align, move and rotate them in groups so that you get the final structure the way you want it to look.
Template elements to apply materials to Units and customize the UV mapping on the mesh.
Prop elements bound to Template to include additional materials and extend the geometry on Units using rules for patterns.
Axial bezier curves per Unit and Prop to give each Unit the silhouette shape that you need.
LOD grouping tool to customize the mesh resolution on your structure and optionally have LOD Groups on your final Prefabs.
Auto generate colliders per Unit at the final Prefab: Box AABB or Mesh Colliders.
Persistence functionality: save, load and share structures using ScriptableObjects.
A catalog of pre-made Templates to add to your Structures.
A catalog with 90+ PBR materials for your Structures (exportable to HDRP and URP).
Documentation and source code with comments.

Whiskey Structure Builder is still in-development and will get constantly improved.

Asset version: 1.0.1
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