Embedded Browser v3.1.0

Embedded Browser

Download Unity Asset – Embedded Browser (Latest version 2022)

Render a webpage to a texture and fully interact with it! Expedite your inventory manager, simplify your registration page, or build a UI at lightning speed!

- Render sites to 2D or 3D objects
- Chromium backend; best-in-class support for: HTML, CSS, and jаvascript
- Call jаvascript¹ from Unity
- Call Unity from jаvascript¹
- Transparent or opaque page background
- Embed HTML + assets in game
- Comprehensive 3D UI/HUD demo
- Context menus, alert/prompt/confirm/pw prompt
- Customizable design, no OS modals
- Control: url, back, reload, resize, etc.
- Mipmap-emulation shader: faster texture updates without sparkles
- Intercept new windows and create in-scene objects for them
- Minimalist JSON library

Asset version: 3.1.0
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