Anti-Cheat Toolkit v2.3.2

Anti-Cheat Toolkit

Anti-Cheat Toolkit – download Unity asset

Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) is here to add some extra pain to the guys who cheat / hack / crack something in your game.

Includes various anti cheat tricks and techniques in one place, easy to use, with full sources, detailed docs and corner cases care.

Common features
Protects variables in memory.
Protects and extends PlayerPrefs.
Generates build code signature.
Detects speedhacks.
Detects time cheating.
Detects 3 common types of wallhacks.
Detects foreign managed assemblies.
Has ObscuredPrefs / PlayerPrefs editor.

Obscured Types
Keeps your sensitive variables away from all memory scanners and searchers.
All basic and few Unity-specific types are covered.
Detects cheating attempts.
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Obscured Prefs
PlayerPrefs replacement with automatic migration, encryption and additional supported types.
All saved data can be optionally locked to device.
Tampering detection included!
Has editor for PlayerPrefs and ObscuredPrefs!
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Code Hash Generator
Generates code hash signature to compare against current hash and make sure compiled code was not altered.
For Windows Standalone and Android so far.

Speed Hack Detector
Makes you aware of nasty cheaters trying to slow down or speed up your game.
Correctly reacts to the time glitches.
Allows to resist speed hacks with SpeedHackProofTime class.
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Time Cheating Detector
Uses Internet connection to get reliable time.
Reacts on both incorrect system time and actual cheating during or between sessions, allowing you to catch people who changes time to speedup long-term processes (like building process, energy restore, etc).
Works with weak internet connection.

WallHack Detector
Covers 3 common types of wallhacks:
• shoot through the walls
• walk through the walls
• look through the walls
Uses generic sandbox approach allowing to detect unknown cheats.
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Injection Detector
Reacts on foreign managed assemblies both injected at runtime or to the build.
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Overall highlights
Over 6 years of support and updates!
Works with micro mscorlib and IL2CPP.
Has detailed manual with examples and tips.
Has full API documentation.

Asset version: 2.3.2
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