Android Native Goodies v1.8.4

Android Native Goodies

Download Unity Asset – Android Native Goodies – Latest version 2022!

Android Goodies is a vast collection of Android native methods that help you integrate Android features that are not available in Unity.

Clean and flexible API
No overriding of Unity default activity
Every API method is documented.
Full source code included
Well-written documentation



• Show all alarms, set the alarm with all properties, or set timer

• Open other apps by package, watch YouTube video in native app

• Create a calendar event with all required params or open calendar app on the provided date

• Dial or directly call a phone number, and check if the user has a phone app.

• Open maps location, address, check if the user has a maps app

• Open any system settings screen

• Native share text, text+image, video, tweet, email, send SMS, etc, check if the user has Twitter, SMS, or email app installed

• Share directly to the most popular messaging apps

• Pick a photo from the gallery app, save the picture to the gallery

• Take a photo with the camera and get the image

• Video, sound, or arbitrary file picker.

• Contact picker

• Copy text to clipboard

• Print images and HTML documents

Asset version: 1.8.4
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