Dungeon Architect (for Unity) v1.19.0

Dungeon Architect (for Unity)

Dungeon Architect – download Unity asset

Dungeon Architect is a procedural level generator. It lets you quickly author your own levels, both at runtime and design-time with powerful editors.

Powerful Designer: Design the layout of your levels using various node based systems. Create key-locks, teleporters, cyclic paths and much more!
Theme Engine: A new way to design the look and feel of your levels using an intuitive node based system
GridFlow: Design the layout of your procedural levels using the flow editor. Then create an infinite number of procedural levels that follow this layout rule. Create cyclic-paths, key-locks, teleporters, shops, treasure rooms, boss rooms and much more
Stitch Room Prefabs: This system lets you stitch together pre-built rooms based on a procedural graph. These graphs are generated using Graph Grammar rules, an intuitive and powerful way of designing your dungeon layouts. It gives you complete control on the layout and opportunities to rewrite and grow the graph as needed
Tooling: Paint your own dungeon layout within the editor for more artistic control or drop in volumes to define fixed room positions
Source Code: Full Source Code access and documentation

Asset version: 1.19.0
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