Spine Animator v2.0.1 (Aug 9, 2022)

Spine Animator

Spine Animator – download Unity asset

FImpossible Creations discovered revolutionary new algorithm to create spine chain animations for animals and creatures without any effort!

Spine Animator is component which animates your skeleton's spine bones accordingly to movement without loosing any keyframed animation motion. It's simulating real animal-like spine movement without any need of additional animating or coding.

This component will make your animations look much more real and AAA like without spending a lot of time for making decent animations of walking / running with rotation to sides by your creatures and without spending a lot of money for animator to create this animations.

Another benefit from this procedural animating is that all movement of bones is continuous, when your object is rotating, spine is fitting to movement all the time, so you can finally make your snakes, millipedes and other creatures animate like they're real! What's more, when creature go up on the terrain/ground slope, body rotation will fit to it automatically!

Don't worry about performance, you can run many Spine Animators simultaneously without loosing any FPS even on mobile!

Asset version: 2.0.1 (Aug 9, 2022)
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    1. Thanks for asset. Please add Look Animator and Tail Animator