Project Search & Replace v1.7.0

Project Search & Replace

Work smarter not harder with Project Search & Replace! Make changes to your entire project with the click of a button. Open the PSR Editor Window, search for something, then replace it. No code required!

Now with Full Source Code!

Update artwork, fix animations, swap out prefabs, meshes, colors, references, and more!

Search and replace data inside Prefabs, Scenes, Components, MonoBehaviours, Materials, and more.

Search across the entire project, a specific folder, scene, your current selection, prefab, even a specific MonoBehaviour if you like.

Additional Features:

* Save Searches = Save a search and run it again later!
* Subsearches = Chain searches together to filter your results. Search for all materials with a certain color, and a certain texture.
* Conditional Searches - Match when a value exists, when it doesn't, or any value.
* Dependency Search - Search objects and all other objects that object depends on.
* Search While Playing - Looking for a needle in a haystack during playback? Let PS&R find that elusive data!
* Go To Item - Select and display a prefab in the Inspector by clicking a button in the results.
* Vertical and Horizontal layouts - The Vertical Layout displays less info in a more compact layout, while the Horizontal Layout provides extra data.
* Asset Type Search - Search inside just prefabs, scenes, materials and more.
* Copy To Clipboard - Export your search results to plain text.
* Advanced String Search - Search inside strings with case insensitive search, and even regular expressions.
* Granular Searches - Search specific subproperties of Vector3 and more. For example: search for all transform positions with an 'x' of 42 and change the 'y' to 43.
* Lots To Search? - Have a big project? It can handle it. The paginated UI can display thousands of results without bogging down your machine.
* And More!

Asset version: 1.7.0
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