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Animancer gives you the ability to play and control animations dynamically at runtime using simple scripts instead of manually configuring inflexible Animator Controllers that encourage bad programming practices.

Check out the Documentation and Examples to get started.


❶ Quick Play -> Play animations on-demand without any unnecessary setup steps. Just get an AnimationClip and play it.
❷ Easy Waiting -> Register an AnimancerState.OnEnd callback to be triggered when an animation finishes so you don't need to constantly check whether it is done.
❸ Smooth Transitions -> Use CrossFade to gradually blend between animations over time to ensure that your characters always move smoothly. You can even transition from an animation into the start of that same animation consecutively using CrossFadeFromStart.
❹ Simple Configuration -> Manage the details of your animations in the Inspector so they can be edited as part of the scene (or prefab) instead of hard coding them in your scripts.
❺ Flexible Structure -> Organise your animations using arrays, ScriptableObjects, or any other structure you can come up with to suit your needs. Directly reference the AnimationClips you want to use instead of relying on magic strings, allowing your script's dependencies to be clearly visible in the Inspector so that debugging and refactoring are as easy as possible.
❻ Live Inspector -> View the current details of your animations in the Inspector with manual controls for debugging and testing.
❼ Finite State Machines -> Animancer doesn't force you to use a restrictive state machine system like Mecanim Animator Controllers. The Animancer.FSM is very flexible and entirely separate from the animation system. They work well together, but you can very easily modify it or use any other system you prefer.
❽ Extensive Documentation -> Detailed API documentation, and examples.
❾ Other Features -> Humanoid and generic rigs, Animation retargeting, Sprite animations, Animation events, Inverse kinematics (IK), Target matching.

Animancer Pro Features: you can try out the following features in the Unity Editor with Animancer Lite, but you will need to purchase Animancer Pro to use them in a runtime build or view the Source Code.

❶ Total Control -> You have full access to the details of all animations, including their speed, time, and weight.
❷ Animation Layers -> Manage multiple animations at the same time (generally on different body parts). Layers can either override or add to each other and you can fade them in and out just like individual animations.
❸ Animator Controllers -> Animancer does not require the use of Animator Controller assets, but it does support their use through the ControllerState class (and its children). This means that instead of putting everything in one massive Animator Controller like you would in Mecanim, you can use individual separate AnimationClips for most tasks and split your controllers up into manageable groups across several assets.
❹ Animation Mixers -> Blend Trees automatically handle a lot of things for you such as timing walk animations so that they all put the character's foot down at the same time for better blending. Animation Mixers on the other hand give you full access to all sub-states so that you can control the finer details yourself.
❺ Custom States -> Create your own state types to implement custom blending algorithms or other behaviour.
❻ Source Code -> The full source code of Animancer is included as plain C# files with detailed comments so you can see all its internal workings, track down bugs, make any modifications you see fit, and avoid becoming dependant on the developer to fix issues (but feel free to email [email protected] or post in the Unity forums if you need support).

Asset version: 7.2
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