Ultimate Screenshot Creator v1.10.1

Ultimate Screenshot Creator

Ultimate Screenshot Creator - download Unity asset.

Ultimate Screenshot Creator is the most complete and customizable screenshot creator available on the asset store. The asset is powerful, flexible, easy to use, highly customizable, and works in Editor and on all platforms. It has all features you need, and even more!

For your users, it is the ideal tool to take in-game screenshots with a lot of custom settings, and to display and manage the screenshots from the game.

• Take sreenshots in-game on all platforms.

• Export your screenshots to the Android Gallery.

• Export your screenshots to the iOS Camera Roll.

• Customizable in-game gallery to manage screnshots.

• Share screenshots on iOS, Android and WebGL.

• Display a validation UI to the user to save or discard the screenshot.

• Display a screenshot thumbnail when taking screenshots.

• Capture off-screen scenes.

Asset version: 1.10.1
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    1. Update to 1.7.5
      • ya
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      Yes, please update to 1 7 5
    2. Hello I have been following your posts and I would like to have
      I am willing to give you some of the last unreal assets that you do not have here in exchange for, my email is [email protected], for That you are sure I can send you the assets even before you send me. I could upload it to google drive, verify them and then send me, I have more than 2000 usd in assets from multiplayer etc.
      1. Hello!
        Unfortunately, I do not have this asset for the Unreal Engine. If you still want to share your assets - write me a link to them in PM and I can upload any assets presented on the site to google drive for you.