UI - Gamestrap v5.0.2

UI - Gamestrap

Download Unity Asset – UI – Gamestrap.

Gamestrap UI is a Unity pack that helps you design User Interfaces by providing you with the resources and tools to make something professional in less time. Whether you are an indie developer, student, freelancer or a game studio, we believe Gamestrap UI can provide you with the right tools for the job.

80+ Icons in PSD
70+ sliced shapes and borders in PSD
10 fonts
Complete structured UI project example
10+ Examples of UI screens
Gamestrap Toolkit
- Modify multiple UI elements at once with effects and colors
- Color suggestions
- Color schemes based on color theory
- Shows you every color you are currently using in your scene
- Save colors and effects to reuse in your whole project
- Assign color and effects through tags

Asset version: 5.0.2
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