Crest Ocean System URP v4.15.2

Crest Ocean System URP

Download Unity Asset – Crest Ocean System URP (Latest version 2022)!

Crest is a technically advanced, feature rich ocean system targeted at PC and console platforms and Unity 2019 / LWRP 5.16.1 or later.

* Simulated light transport including reflection, refraction, scattering, caustics approximation, shadowing
* Completely dynamic wave shape with innovative 'equalizer' style wave authoring
* Shallow water - light scattering and wave attenuation
* Underwater with partial submersion
* Dynamic object-water interaction
* Foam simulated from waves and shorelines
* Flow to enable horizontal motion of water volume
* Physics interface with simplistic buoyancy implementations and support for Dynamic Water Physics 2

This asset comes with an example Pirate Cove demo scene assembled by @patrickprosic, using terrain textures generously provided by This example data is optional; the PirateCove folder does not need to be imported for Crest to work.

Note: This asset targets the Universal Render Pipeline. A version of this system targeting Unity's Built-In Render Pipeline is freely available and can be useful for evaluation:
Note 2: Crest is targeted at PC and console platforms. It may work on mobile but is built to be powerful, flexible and scalable rather than a minimal/specialised system that would maximise performance.
Note 3: Crest relies on Compute Shaders, so only compute-compatible platforms are supported. Unfortunately Crest does not support WebGL. More information:
Note 4: Crest is targeted towards projects that require an advanced water simulation. It requires technical setup and configuration and is not a simple drop-in solution.

Asset version: 4.15.2
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