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Nature Renderer

Nature Renderer – download Unity asset

Get better vegetation, detail object, and tree rendering for your terrain. With a single click.

Nature Renderer replaces Unity's default Terrain Detail Rendering system and works with your existing data. Use the same grass, vegetation, and trees and keep your existing terrains. We just render it better and faster.

Supports all platforms and all render pipelines
✔ Standard RP · Unity 2018.3+
✔ High-Definition RP 6.9+ · Unity 2019.2+
✔ Lightweight RP 6.9+ · Unity 2019.2+
✔ Universal RP 7.0+ · Unity 2019.3+

Great with Open World Nature Kit
Combine with Open World Nature Kit to get instant AAA quality stylized environments for your game.

Get accurate lighting and more detail on your grass, vegetation, and terrain details. You can use full PBR shaders on your detail objects. Such as the Standard Shader or any other.

Use Level-of-Detail on your terrain detail objects to reduce complexity in the distance and increase performance.

Better wind for your vegetation. The included wind shaders provide accurate and lifelike wind for grass, plants, and trees.

Enable shadows for grass, plants, and other terrain details.

Custom Shaders
Use custom shaders for your terrain details.

Align to terrain
Align your grass and objects to the terrain surface. No more floating grass or objects clipping through the terrain.

Familiar Tools
Use Unity's default terrain, detail, and tree editing tools. No need to change your workflow.

Additional features
- GPU Instancing
- Multi-threaded
- Fade out vegetation in the distance
- Frustum culling
- Generate meshes for grass textures
- Works with multiple terrains
- No GC Allocations and stable consistent performance
- Works with multiple cameras

Asset version: 1.6.1
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