Magica Cloth v1.12.10

Magica Cloth

Download Unity Asset – Magica Cloth (Latest version 2022)

Magica Cloth is a high-speed cloth simulation operated by Unity Job System + Burst compiler.
Both BoneCloth driven by Transform and MeshCloth driven by mesh are available.

[Latest Information]

Magica Cloth is now available in the 2D Animation Package.

To use it, select [Before Late Update] as the Update Location of the MagicaPhysicsManager component.

This will allow you to run the simulation before the Late Update.


- Fast cloth simulation with Unity Job System + Burst compiler

- No native plugin.

- Works on all platforms except WebGL

- Works with all BuildIn / URP / HDRP / CustomRP rendering pipelines.

- Implement BoneCloth driven by Bone (Transform) and MeshCloth driven by mesh

- MeshCloth can also work with skinning mesh

- Easy setup with an intuitive interface

- Time operation such as slow is possible

- Camera culling system

- With full source code


- Unity2019.4.31(LTS) higher

- [Burst] package

- [Mathematics] package

- [Jobs] package(preview)

- [Collections] package(preview)

Asset version: 1.12.10
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